Monday, December 16, 2013

New Sponsor!! GU Energy Labs!!

A lot of thought and planning goes into nutrition during training and, of course, during races.  I had a really rough year nutrition wise, so I had to really take a long, hard look at what I was doing  and in the end I decided it was time to change up the products I was using.  Just a few months ago I received a TON of samples of GU products (thanks Paulette and Tony of Uber Performance Products), and I decided to give them a whirl! Well, the results were amazing and I was SOLD!  No more upset tummy, and I can actually stomach gels (in fact, I LOVE the GU gels, especially the Roctane ones, YUMMY)... I might just eat a gel for lunch today... I joke, I joke... maybe... hmmmm, maybe I'm actually eating one right now (you wouldn't know, muhahaha).

I just got an amazing shipment of product that includes GU gels (both regular and Roctane), GU Brew, GU Electrolyte tablets (the strawberry lemonade ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF), and some 'delicious for any meal ' Chomps (it will be a challenge to NOT eat these as candy)...


New passion!!

So Ottawa just had a snow-dump of about 10000000cm (ok, I'm exaggerating a tiny bit), so trail running has become a bit of a challenge.  To best counter this new challenge that mother nature has thrown at me I have decided to incorporate more snowshoe running into my training regime.  I knew that it was going to be harder than regular running, but I really had no idea just how hard it is!!  GEESH, what a workout!! I love it!!  Corey also took up snowshoe running, so now I have a training partner... YAAAAY!!

For those of you who live in the Orleans, Ontario area we actually have a group of snowshoers (not a word... but I just made it a word) who meet at Mer Bleue for snowshoeing every Wednesday! :)

If you're thinking about buying snowshoes, check out my buddy Derrick Spafford's site: Spafford Health and Adventure.  He sells the Dion snowshoes there.