Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stoked Oats

I just wanted to do a quick post about my FAV pre-run fuel!!  I am completely addicted to Stoked Oats!!

These little gems are gluten free!!  Stoked Oats are easily digestible, packed with energy, and did I mention tasty?!?!  I absolutely love them!!

Check them out

The countdown is on!!

Looking at the calendar today I realized that I have 45 days until the Sulphur Springs 100 miler!!  Eeeeeek!!  That might sound like a long time, but in the running/training world it isn't. 

Here's the details on Sulphur:

20k loop done 8 times

The course is tough, but runable (which I love)!  It's a fast course  :)   

I'm stoked, cause yet again I get to have my amazing parents there crewing for me!!  I will of course be running the race with my fiancé, which will be awesome.

So now the serious training starts!! Corey and I will be starting into some super long back to back runs.  I will be following the direction of my coach Ray Zahab and keep the week day runs fast, concentrating on good turnover and getting stronger.



Sunday, April 7, 2013

Little bit of snow??

Corey and I decided to head out for a nice little trail run last weekend.  We decided that we would hit a trail that had been closed all season due to downed trees and debris from a bad storm.  So we arrived at the trail and saw this sign:

NO PROBLEM WE THOUGHT!!  How bad could it be??

Things started off ok, with just a little bit of snow, packed down by others... But as we got deeper into the trail it all changed!  The snow got very deep and the trail seemed to disappear.  OH WELL, we're already out here, we may as well make the best of it! LOL!!

Now for those of you who don't know me I weigh 95lbs, so most people can not judge whether they can step in the same places as me without falling through.  Corey encountered this problem a few times during the run!!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Running Clinic

Back by popular demand I will be hosting a running clinic at CrossFit Fortis!

Coaching is one of my fav things in life and I'm thrilled to be hosting this clinic.

Are you looking to improve your running technique? Wanting to run without pain or feeling completely awkward?!? Come to my clinic on April 20th to learn the POSE method of running and to learn some valuable insight on endurance training.

To register for the clinic follow the link!

Training update!!

So I just wanted to give everyone an update on my training.  I know, I have been terrible about updated my blog lately!!  SORRY!!  But I recently got engaged to the love of my life Corey, and I have been very busy doing wedding planning :) we are getting married June 7th, 2014 and the ENTIRE wedding is already planned.  (I'm somewhat obsessively organized).

Corey proposed to me on the trails that we fell in love training together on... it was perfect.


I recently started to scale back my CrossFitting and increased my mileage, as I'm getting into my race season.  I'm starting the year off with the Sulphur Springs 100 miler and I have really BIG goals for this race.  I'm keeping things simple right now with my training, developing a good speed/strength base and gradually working in extra mileage.  I'm feeling strong and confident.

This weekend Corey and I will be running a nice easy 35k on Saturday and a 40k on Sunday (with some speed pickups).  It should be fun!! :)  The snow is finally starting to melt and we're excited to get back to our usual weekends on the trails.

I promise to update more often... Life just got away from me recently.