Saturday, February 14, 2015

New Sponsorship: Bellefleur Physiotherapy

I couldn't be more thrilled to announce my newest sponsorship: Bellefleur Physiotherapy !!!

There are many reasons why I'm BEYOND excited about this:
#1 - I put my body through hell, and need to be sure I am taking all the steps necessary to care for it (dry needling is my personal fav treatment for muscle knots and sore spots)

#2:  Bellefleur's owners/physios are community leaders, and deeply involved with the Orleans communtiy (something that is very important to me)

#3 Did I mention that they are award winning physiotherapists?!?! Voted Health Care Professional of the Year and Business Person of the Year!!

#4 Their clinic is NOT your usual physio clinic with rows of beds, and impersonal treatment!  They pride themselves on a more personal touch, with beautiful private treatment facilities.

Meet Dave and Jason Bellefleur, and please check them out online

It's caring professionals like this that make me want to train harder and push myself even further!  I have no doubt that 2015 will be an amazing year, with them keeping my body working at its optimal fitness level!!


And to all my athletes who read this, remember that I always stress the importance of caring for our bodies! Don't wait for an injury to see a physio!! See them for maintenance and care of those muscles and tight spots (hips, glutes, knees, ITB and back to name a few!)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Race Added!!

In addition to my previously posted race lineup, I have added one more 100 miler in November!! The course is fast, and has been the site of some wicked-fast 100 mile times.  I'm stoked to have a fast race after my extremely mountainous season!!

Stay tuned for more info, wooooohoooo!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Never tell me that I can't... cause I will!!

So today I arrived at my absolute fav ski trails, only to discover that they were completely ungroomed!!  With over 20 centimeters of fresh powder.  Another skier said to me "the trails are unskiable"... hmmmmm, sounded like a challenge to me!!

I took off!! (well, took off at a turtle's pace) trudging through the snow, pushing as hard as I could.  Before i knew it I was done the distance i had set out to complete. Sure, it took me twice as long as I had planned. Sure, my poor legs were completely destroyed afterwards and my upper body/arms were complete jello. But I had conquered the "unskiable" trails!! muhahaha!!  There is something very powerful about being out on km after km of untouched trails.  I heard the trees cracking, the snow blowing, the woodpeckers and the sled-dogs in the distance, and I couldn't have felt more alive! It was just me, my skis and kms of fresh powder.  True bliss.

Ok, now i need food and a nap!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Thank You

Just wanted to send a thank you to all my sponsors who support my crazy adventures!!  You are all so wonderful and supportive!!

And of course, thank you to my wonderful husband Corey, my amazing parents and parents-in-law, and my wonderful friends!!