Thursday, February 5, 2015

Never tell me that I can't... cause I will!!

So today I arrived at my absolute fav ski trails, only to discover that they were completely ungroomed!!  With over 20 centimeters of fresh powder.  Another skier said to me "the trails are unskiable"... hmmmmm, sounded like a challenge to me!!

I took off!! (well, took off at a turtle's pace) trudging through the snow, pushing as hard as I could.  Before i knew it I was done the distance i had set out to complete. Sure, it took me twice as long as I had planned. Sure, my poor legs were completely destroyed afterwards and my upper body/arms were complete jello. But I had conquered the "unskiable" trails!! muhahaha!!  There is something very powerful about being out on km after km of untouched trails.  I heard the trees cracking, the snow blowing, the woodpeckers and the sled-dogs in the distance, and I couldn't have felt more alive! It was just me, my skis and kms of fresh powder.  True bliss.

Ok, now i need food and a nap!

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  1. Glad to hear you had fun skate-skiing thru the powder snow !!