Sunday, April 13, 2014

Orange Mud!!!

Another exciting announcement is that I'm now an Orange Mud Pro Athlete!!

I started using Orange Mud a few months ago and was blown away by how comfortable their packs are to use.  I absolutely HATE handheld bottles, but I also hate heavy packs.  I wanted something minimalist that didn't bounce or annoy the CRAP out of me... Well, Orange Mud was the answer!

The bottle is easily accessible and the pack does not move AT ALL!! Truly genius!!

It's also amazing that the company is owned by runners/athletes who "get it" and who truly care about their athletes!! SHOUT OUT to Josh Sprague and Beth Corasiniti Sprague!

New Sponsorship announcement!!

So one the biggest changes this year is that I have now signed on with... NIKE!!!!

This was a big decision for me, since I had been an Inov8 athlete for so long, and I loved all Inov8 shoes.  However, I did not feel that there was much opportunity for growth, and I never truly felt like I was part of a team.  With Nike I have amazing support and an amazing team! :)   Stacie Carrigan also signed on with Nike Canada and I'm so stoked to have her as one of my teammates, THIS GIRL CAN RUN!!!

To be honest, at first I was skeptical of what Nike could offer to a trail runner.  But soon after my initial talks with them I was sent a pair of Nike Zoom Terra Kiger and I was SOLD!!  These shoes were light as a feather, but felt like I was running on clouds.  NO MORE SORE FEET!! :) And they come in some sweet colours.

I have such an amazing group of sponsors now:
Nike, CW-X compression, Drymax Socks, Orange Mud Hydration, Julbo Eyewear, GU Energy Labs, Hypoxico and Tho'z Barz.  I'm so excited for the year ahead.