Saturday, November 15, 2014

PiYo Review

Ok, so as many people are already aware I recently started to do the at-home workouts called "PiYo".

What is PiYo?
PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga.  

What I got when I ordered it?
- 3 Blu-ray Discs (each with 3 or 4 different workouts on them)
- workout calendar (see below)
- nutrition guide
- measuring tape (for before and after)
- Beachbody coach (this is FREE!)

My thoughts on the program:
I'm pretty skeptical with these at-home workouts programs, as I either find the videos boring and/or the instructors super annoying (and I want to kick my TV screen).

The program starts out by getting you to know all of the basic movements, this includes a lot of yoga movements and poses, proper pushups and some really great core strengthening moves.  Each day you only have to commit to ONE workout per day (they vary in time from roughly 25mins - 50mins)... who doesn't have time for that?!?!?  

The best part of the videos was that it wasn't BORING at all.  I felt constantly challenged, and excited to keep going.

The first week was definitely challenging! I felt like my arms, shoulders, glutes, thighs and abs were going to explode!  After only 2 weeks I already see results!!  It's nuts!! I am a believer: PiYo works!

What can I say??

Let me start with the reasons why I really like the program:
1.  It is challenging for all fitness levels: you can really adapt this program to anyone.  And YOU decide how far you will push yourself.  You decide how deep you go in a squat or a lunge, you decide whether you will hold that plank, or do those extra tricep pushups... it is truly adaptable for anyone! And it definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone.

2.  The instructor (Chalene Johnson) is AMAZING!! She can guide you through an entire workout without you even looking up at the screen once! She explains everything clearly and easily, and she might be the coolest chick EVER (ok, I don't know her.. BUT I WANT TO!)

3.  Every workout is different.  Yes, there are some of the same movements (sun salutations etc), but each day is uniquely challenging.  I can see myself doing this every day for A LONG LONG TIME!

4.  The Calendar: it is easy to follow and keeps me motivated.  (I actually printed out some from online so I can take notes on each day's workout and how I felt).

5.  Through Beachbody you are assigned a coach for FREE!  I just so happens my friend Flo Barnes-Zurkinden is a Beachbody coach, so I get to work with her.  Through this I got into a great support group, where we share our daily workouts, nutrition and goals.  It's really great!

** I highly recommend this program to EVERYONE!!! ***

I will be posting another review in 2 weeks (I'm currently 2 weeks into the program).  
I already feel stronger!! 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Pain Barrier

It's not very often that I talk about the details of my training, I'm just quiet about the nitty gritty details.

But I wanted to post about today's run and about what I do when it truly starts to suck.

Today was a normal LONG trail run day.  We set out early, quickly got rolling.  Corey really pushed the pace today, and I just fought to keep up!  I kept looking down at my Garmin (which I rarely do) and kept seeing 4:20/km, 4:15/km, 4:10/km...WTF?!?!?  What was I doing... I had to remind myself a few times about what Timmy Olsen once said to me about running within myself.  Great words from a wise man!   I settled into my pace and just kept on rolling.

Today was a tough day for me, not because I wasn't running well.  But because the conditions sucked and I hit a BIG pain barrier.  Everything just started to get sore all at the same time, UGH!  But, for the first time I didn't let it shake me or stop me.  I just kept plugging away and ticking the kms off.  My pace never faltered... When it hurt (oh, it HURT!) I just kept telling myself "keep moving, this will pass"... so I'd keep moving, never stopping, and sure enough, "the suck" passed!   :)


During my run today I though a lot about someone who inspires me!!  Her name is Karin McMillan and she just completed a 10 day race!! (Yup, 10 freaking days!!)  Karin is so strong and so inspiring!  When things got tough today, I thought about Karin and what she just endured... made my little run seem like nothing.
Thanks for being AWESOME Karin!!

New Sponsor!! 7SYSTEMS endurance sports supplement!!

Ok, I'm super excited to announce my newest sponsor!!  7 Systems!!!

For years I have searched for the perfect vitamin supplement combination, and always felt somewhat lost.  7 Systems takes all the guess work out of it, and conveniently packages all the necessary supplements into ONE pouch.  :)

Visit the site to find out full details... but here are some of the ingredients that I LOVE:

I love having a great company like this supporting me!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Orange Mud!!!

Another exciting announcement is that I'm now an Orange Mud Pro Athlete!!

I started using Orange Mud a few months ago and was blown away by how comfortable their packs are to use.  I absolutely HATE handheld bottles, but I also hate heavy packs.  I wanted something minimalist that didn't bounce or annoy the CRAP out of me... Well, Orange Mud was the answer!

The bottle is easily accessible and the pack does not move AT ALL!! Truly genius!!

It's also amazing that the company is owned by runners/athletes who "get it" and who truly care about their athletes!! SHOUT OUT to Josh Sprague and Beth Corasiniti Sprague!

New Sponsorship announcement!!

So one the biggest changes this year is that I have now signed on with... NIKE!!!!

This was a big decision for me, since I had been an Inov8 athlete for so long, and I loved all Inov8 shoes.  However, I did not feel that there was much opportunity for growth, and I never truly felt like I was part of a team.  With Nike I have amazing support and an amazing team! :)   Stacie Carrigan also signed on with Nike Canada and I'm so stoked to have her as one of my teammates, THIS GIRL CAN RUN!!!

To be honest, at first I was skeptical of what Nike could offer to a trail runner.  But soon after my initial talks with them I was sent a pair of Nike Zoom Terra Kiger and I was SOLD!!  These shoes were light as a feather, but felt like I was running on clouds.  NO MORE SORE FEET!! :) And they come in some sweet colours.

I have such an amazing group of sponsors now:
Nike, CW-X compression, Drymax Socks, Orange Mud Hydration, Julbo Eyewear, GU Energy Labs, Hypoxico and Tho'z Barz.  I'm so excited for the year ahead.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Big Changes

So there are some big changes coming up for me!!! Some new sponsors and some very exciting new products!!!

2014 is going to be a crazy year for me, between racing, training and getting married, I hardly think I'll have time to breathe.  Going to be great!

Stay tuned for all the exciting announcements.