Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Pain Barrier

It's not very often that I talk about the details of my training, I'm just quiet about the nitty gritty details.

But I wanted to post about today's run and about what I do when it truly starts to suck.

Today was a normal LONG trail run day.  We set out early, quickly got rolling.  Corey really pushed the pace today, and I just fought to keep up!  I kept looking down at my Garmin (which I rarely do) and kept seeing 4:20/km, 4:15/km, 4:10/km...WTF?!?!?  What was I doing... I had to remind myself a few times about what Timmy Olsen once said to me about running within myself.  Great words from a wise man!   I settled into my pace and just kept on rolling.

Today was a tough day for me, not because I wasn't running well.  But because the conditions sucked and I hit a BIG pain barrier.  Everything just started to get sore all at the same time, UGH!  But, for the first time I didn't let it shake me or stop me.  I just kept plugging away and ticking the kms off.  My pace never faltered... When it hurt (oh, it HURT!) I just kept telling myself "keep moving, this will pass"... so I'd keep moving, never stopping, and sure enough, "the suck" passed!   :)


During my run today I though a lot about someone who inspires me!!  Her name is Karin McMillan and she just completed a 10 day race!! (Yup, 10 freaking days!!)  Karin is so strong and so inspiring!  When things got tough today, I thought about Karin and what she just endured... made my little run seem like nothing.
Thanks for being AWESOME Karin!!

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