Friday, August 28, 2015

Physio and Massage!! SO IMPORTANT!!

I have received a ton of questions lately about what I do to take care of my body between training sessions.  On top of your regular stretching, rolling and mobility work I have regular appointments with my physio and massage therapists!

I can't stress how important physio and massage are for athletes, not just for injury treatment, but for week-to-week maintenance.

Many of my athletes and friends have asked me lately for recommendations for both Physio and Massage Therapy, so here they are:

 So many reasons why I love Bellefleur Physio... where to begin?!?!  The clinic is beautiful, and welcoming.  You are not forced into a giant room with multiple beds (like some clinics in Ottawa), instead you get your own private treatment room. 
The staff are AMAZING!!! Jason, Dave and Danielle truly take their time in getting to know their patients, and I have never once felt like they were rushed during my treatments.  They are all very knowledgeable and offer a very wide variety of techniques and treatments (Graston and Dry Needling being my favs)
I highly recommend getting into see them if you are a runner!! They understand what it takes to train, and can really help keep your body working at its optimal level. 
Did I mention that they have won multiple awards!??!  Ya, they're just that good :)


Again, almost too many amazing things to say about the team at Core Elements!!  I have been seeing Dawn and Celeste for almost 4 years now (after some failed attempts with other massage treatments  in the past).  Dawn and Celeste (and the rest of the team - My hubby has seen Nicole and Shannon) understand runners unique needs and exactly what muscles may need some extra attention.

Dawn (who is also the owner) has gone above and beyond with the clinic to ensure the highest level of treatment and service.  

Massage has made a huge difference in my training, recovery and racing!!

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  1. We (by that I mean my bro who played football and I) were brought up that massage or anything like it was "coddling". SO Spartan! Though I have seen the dramatic improvements not just in rehab but just in general upkeep that have come from regularly scheduled maintenance! I figure I should be at least as good to myself as I am to my car. :)