Monday, December 10, 2012

Corey's 1st CrossFit competition!!

Some days I'm the athlete and some days I'm the coach (aka: the nervous girlfriend). 

This past weekend my amazing boyfriend competed in his 1st CrossFit competition: CrossFit Brockville's WOD4TOYS.

The day started out great with a combination WOD "Jump Isabel jump" (Isabel + pullups).  The WOD was:

7minute cap
30 snatches for time (95lbs)
*if you take more than 10 seconds to complete the reps, or let go of the bar you must do 10 tuck jumps
THEN max pullups for the remaining time of the 7 mins... each pullup = 1 second and would then be deducted from the time of the 30 snatches.

Corey did the WOD is 1:27, then got 95 pullups!  That put him into 1st place!!

Then came WOD #2:
12 minute cap

10 decline pushups
10 deadlifts
50 double unders
50 situps

10 decline pushups
10 deadlifts
40 double unders
40 situps

10 decline pushups
10 deadlifts
30 double unders
30 situps

10 decline pushups
10 deadlifts
20 double unders
20 situps

10 decline pushups
10 deadlifts
10 double unders
10 situps

*Corey finished in 1st place AGAIN!!

WOD#3: Eliza-Grace
 12 min cap

21-15-9 reps
Squat clean and split jerk (95lbs)
Ring Dip

*Corey finished 3rd on this WOD!!

**At the point Corey was 5 points ahead going into the FINAL!!  This meant that he could come DEAD LAST in the last WOD and still win :) BUT WOULD THAT SLOW HIM DOWN!?!? NOPE!

The last WOD was created by the kids class at CrossFit Brockville.  It was a combo of front squats, lateral boxjumps, bear crawls, duck walk and KB swings.

Corey was rocking the WOD when all of a sudden his quads completely seized up!! He screamed in pain a few times, but kept pushing through.  (NOTE: FRONT SQUATS ARE COREY'S MORTAL ENEMY)

He finished the WOD in 3rd, and WON THE COMPETITION!!! :) YAAAAAAY!!

Needless to say Corey was DONE at the end of the day!!

I'm so proud of him!!! It was fun to sit on the sidelines for once, and get to cheer him on (cheer... yell).  It was amazing to see him push himself that hard and to not give up when his body wanted to.  Corey has completely changed his life in the past year and I couldn't be happier to be part of his life.  We love and support each other in everything that we do, and it's amazing to share our passions for running and for CrossFit.

I love you babe

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