Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Upcoming races

Here are the races that I have planned for next year (still waiting to decide on a few others):

1.  Around the Bay - March 24th (30k)
2.  Sulphur Springs - May 25th (100 miles)
3.  Sinister 7 - July 6th (148km)
4.  Haliburton - Sept 7th (100 miles)

Gonna be a BIG year!!  And my training kicks into high gear starting January 1st!!  Thank goodness I will have my amazing boyfriend Corey right by my side (thanks babe).  Also a big thanks to my training crew (Andrea, Jay and Gary).

Miles are going to ramp-up and more elevation training in the Adirondacks with Corey; should make for a fun and CHALLENGING winter/spring training season.

A big thank you in advance to my sponsors:


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