Thursday, January 10, 2013

Training milestone! MUSCLE UPS!

This past month has been a month of BIG CrossFit milestones for me!  I got BOTH my bar and ring muscle ups!! YAAAAY!! 

For those who don't know what a muscle up is:

** DISCLAIMER: Mine were much uglier!! LOL!  But I did manage to get 4 of them in yesterday before my WOD.

The muscle up is a VERY frustrating movement, as there are so many elements.  The grip on the rings, the kip, the hip drive, the pull to the sternum, then a violent situp, and finally the BIGGEST tricep dip OF LIFE!

The muscle up was much easier on the pullup bar, because I didn't have to rely on my stabilizer muscles.

A HUGE thank you to my coach Dan Baribeau at CrossFit Fortis and to my amazing boyfriend (Corey) for helping me achieve these milestones.  Both of them spent TONS of time working with me on technique and didn't laugh at me when I struggled. :)

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