Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Shoes a-coming!!!

Ok, so I'm totally stoked about Inov-8s new line of trail shoes!!  They are absolutely amazing!!  I recently received the specs for all of the new Trailrocs that are coming out, and they are MADE FOR ME.

I fell in love with the Trailroc 245 during the Haliburton 100 race, it quickly became my go-to shoe... well, until my dad set them on fire while trying to dry them out at an aid station!!! LOL!  You don't believe me?? Look at the pic!!

Regardless of the shoe tragedy at Haliburton, I fell in love with these shoes.  They are fast, light and felxible, AND they grip on wet/slick rock/roots, AWESOME!

This month Inov-8 is releasing a new line of Trailrocs and I'm stoked~!  They're going to be awesome.

There are many options, with weights ranging from 4oz - 9oz.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes.  And the colours are awesome too!  With options ranging from the near minimal 150 to the rugged 255, there is a shoe for everyone.

What I love about the shoe:
COLOUR!!! ;)

These shoes truly feel natural to me, they provide protection from rocks and roots, but without compromising my need to "feel the ground".  THESE ARE HANDS DOWN THE BEST SHOES I HAVE EVER WORN.

If anyone wants more info on these puppies, just inbox me and I'll give you the specs.  As my sponsor Inov-8 has supplied me with a lot of product knowledge, so hopefully I can help everyone to pick a great shoe.  :)

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